Harley Quinn’s Strange Love Adventures #1

My #RomanceComicsMonth list is a lot shorter than my #SciFiComicsMonth one was, full of a few trades and this one particular one-shot that came out last year. Once again, I’m pretty sure that I got it in that quarter bin/fill a shortbox sale back in November, which is a great deal considering the fact that this book is a prestige format special.

I hate to say this, but I’m not that huge a fan of Harley Quinn. It’s not that I hate the character; in fact, I thought she was a great addition to the Batman mythos when she first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series. I also have enjoyed what I have saw and read when it comes to her relationship with Poison Ivy (which includes a great issue of Scooby-Doo Team-Up). But in recent years, she’s been about as ubiquitous at DC as Deadpool has been at Marvel. But I liked the retro look of the cover with the old school heart-shaped DC logo for the romance comics and again … the price.

It’s an anthology book where we see various characters in stories that are both strange and romantic (hence the title). The feature Harley Quinn story features Shazam! and is pretty solid, but there are backup stories with other Bat-family members, including a couple that feature Alfred Pennyworth and really good one with Sgt. Rock on Dinosaur Island. That eclectic nature of the stories makes it a fun read, especially at a discounted price.

Overall, though, this is kind of a shrug of a book. I enjoyed it and put it on my trades/graphic novels shelf (where I put just about all of my books in that format) and it’ll probably sit there. If you wind up seeing it and it is something like a quarter, then grab it. If you’re paying anything more, it’s kind of a skip.

Keep, Sell, Donate, or Trash?


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