Pop Culture Affidavit Episode 96: The Uncollecting

On episode 96 of my podcast Pop Culture Affidavit, I talk about The Uncollecting, going through my motivation for it as well as how I was inspired by Oprah, Clean House, Marie Kondo, and the YouTube series Curiosity, Inc.

Pop Culture Affidavit

Episode 96 Website CoverHow much do we accumulate and hold onto?  How much of it do we actually need?  In this episode, I take you behind my new endeavor and new blog, “The Uncollecting”, which is “One Nerd’s Efforts to Let Things Go.”  I talk about what brought me to want to consume and get rid of what I haven’t read, watched, or listened to, and go over four pieces of related popular culture.  First, there is a 2007 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, which features Oprah trying to help a woman who had been hoarding.  Second is the show Clean House, which aired on the Style Network in the 2000s. Third is Netflix’s Tidying Up. Finally, there is the recent “Potter’s House” series on the YouTube channel Curiosity Inc.

You can find The Uncollecting blog here:  The Uncollecting

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