Starslayer #1-3

I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to find the remaining issues of Starslayer anywhere, and if I did, i was only expecting to find issue #10, which is the only First Comics issue I’m missing. Heck, I’d even resigned myself to having to go buy digital copies of the “remastered” original miniseries if I ever wanted to actually read them.

Then, these landed in the bin at my LCS and at the price of $.99 an issue, I had to snatch them up. These are three written and drawn by series creator Mike Grell, who had already been known for Warlord, and what he was doing here was setting up the space pirates story that John Ostrander would expand upon in future installmants. Here, Grell gives us some gorgeous visuals as after collecting this “out of order” (so to speak), we get to read the beginning.

The story of issue #1 actually doesn’t begin in space but instead tells the story of our hero Torin Mac Quillon during his first life among the “barbarian” Celts of the Roman Empire as he fights off those very Romans and their attempt to invade and take his home. However, just as he is about to launch headlong into his final death battle, he is plucked from that time and transported to the very far flung future where the sun is now a dying red giant and the solar system is ruled by an oligarchical cartel. He now has to fight alongside Tamara to get an amulet that will help save the Earth and the solar system–or what’s left of it.

It’s a very maguffin-driven story that to me really didn’t matter because it’s just a means to an end to see Grell do his thing, taking on a pastiche of what was popular at the time–namely, Star Wars–and mix that with the adventure books and movies that were probably favorites when he was younger. I mean, the ship is the Jolly Roger and it has sails, which are more or less unnecessary in space (though I do think they have some solar collection property, so they’re not completely useless).

The decision for me here is not whether or not I am keeping these; it will be whether or not I decide to keep them after I am done collecting the run and reread it again. I’m down to two issues left–#4 and #10–and would love to get a few of them signed.

Before I go, I should mention, too, that these issues feature the first two of Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer stories, which is why I think I’m surprised I got them for such a low price. And those? Well, they’re gorgeous and that alone makes them worth holding onto.

Keep, Sell, Donate, or Trash?


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