Starslayer #16, 17

4dece25ce70ee719c426c14e020ae893-800So … is Torin crazy?  Or is everyone out to betray him?  Well, when #16’s main action takes place, it seems like the former because he’s going after whom he thinks are assassins and mowing them down to the point where Tamara literally fights him on it.  I guess it doesn’t help that he walked in on her and Crayne mostly naked and in mid-embrace, which … may or may not be a thing?  And then Chris Heyman officially joins the crew because she had infiltrated these assassins, part of her way of hiding out while she’s being hunted for owning that side-slip device.  But the “shoot first and ask questions later” approach that Torin seems to be taking is not sitting well with the rest of the crew, even Sam, who is hurt that his friend has blocked him out.

This gets resolved at the end of issue #16 when Torin explains that when he arrived in the future, he was dependent on Sam to help him get around, and that’s not how he likes to operate.  So, he shut him out and learned how to be self-sufficient.  Sam says that he sees himself as a tool to be used, but Torin insists that the robot is a friend.  And with Chris joining up, we have a crew of allies that will more or less stick together through thick and thin.

And thick is where we start issue #17, with Torin chained up in a prison and the rest of the crew completely out of money.  Of course, Torin can’t be chained easily and he not only gets himself out of his cell but allies himself with the other prisoners.  Meanwhile, Crayne seems to have come into a bunch of money and after sleeping with Tamara, suggests to her that they all ditch Torin and head out on their own.  She rejects this idea and mentions that someone was looking for him, but Chris interrupts them before we find out who–and I only mention that because it’s a plot point to a future issue.  Chris lets them know that Torin is missing and Sam has been attacked as well.

She repairs Sam, equips him with some badass claws, and the robot gets Crayne to confess that he sold out Torin to the assassins that have been chasing them for a few issues now, which is how Torin wound up in prison.  And while Torin works on breaking out of the prison, they work on breaking in and run right into … Grimjack!

Who’s that?  Well, more on that in my next review before I get to issue #18.

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