Badger #49, 53, 54, 60, 70

71xlj7km6fl._ac_sy500_I have finally reached the end of this set of Badger comics that I fished out of quarter bins and massive comics sales over the past couple of years.  If you have been following me here, you know that with the exception of a few issues, I haven’t really been enjoying the series.  In fact, at one point, I even thought of just ditching what remained but I decided against that so I could keep my promise to … well, myself, I guess, because it’s not like I’ll get fined if I don’t … read all of these comics.

The stories in these comics aren’t much different than what I’ve already seen, except that at one point–I want to say in issue #50, which I don’t own–Badger winds up getting married and his wife is another hero who fights alongside him for the remainder of the run.  There’s hijinks that were typical for the series as well as occult stuff and a Christmas-themed final issue that is right out of a Lobo comic but two years or so before Lobo became as huge as he would in the early 1990s.

I honestly feel a little guilty for badmouthing these as much as I have.  I have enjoyed the other Mike Baron-written comics that I’ve read over the years and have a ton of positive things to say about his work on The Punisher and The Flash, but this didn’t click for me.  And I might be the problem–at fourteen, I might have found the zany edge of this series great, but at 42, my tastes have changed considerably and while there are times when I can slide back into “action movie fan mode” for some work (i.e. The Punisher), I couldn’t for this.

Originally, I was going to try and sell or donate these, but with the exception of perhaps sending some of the better ones out there as part of the comic book circle of life, I may have officially retire this entire series to the recycling bin alongside those Ferret issues that I put out of their misery.

Keep, Sell, Donate, or Trash?


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