Uncollecting Update August 2019

As always, let’s start with the numbers.

Media consumed # (remaining/total)
Movies Watched 14 (114/161)
Books Read: 8 (105/158)
Comics Read: 85 (270/750)
Podcast Episodes Remaining: 137

I guess it’s against the whole philosophy of things that the piles got slightly bigger this month even though the remainders also shrunk.  I gained two movies because we bought Avengers: Endgame on blu-ray and Michael Bailey recommended an outstanding documentary called Jack of All Trades (which is on Netflix and will be part of an upcoming Pop Culture Affidavit episode).  So, one was a purchase that was always going to be made, if it wasn’t now then during the holidays; the other was just a streaming choice that didn’t take up any more space in the house.

When it comes to books, two out of the six that I added were downloaded to my Kindle but were both free via Amazon Prime, so they didn’t cost money (and one was for a podcast while the other was one that was on my trade paperback want list anyway) and aren’t taking up space and the other four were library books that were also podcast research.  So in the very least, I’m not spending money on these things and none of them are taking up permanent space (which I guess is my way of rationalizing all of this).

The comics are a different story.  My unread comics increased by eight thanks to four free Punisher comics from Professor Alan and then four books I picked up at my LCS as part of their opening.this weekend and those four books were all from series that I am chasing (some first series DC Star Trek and Dark Horse Terminator books).  So it’s … halfway to uncollecting here?  I mean, I do have a visit to the Baltimore Comic-Con coming up in October and that means I’m going to be buying more stuff.  How I’m going to do that and hold myself to this whole mission here?  That’s something for a future post, especially since I might take a little time off from back issue reading this month.

I was reading an old issue of Amazing Heroes the other day and came upon an interview that Mike W. Barr conducted with Denny O’Neil about his experience writing Batman.  I’ts a really thorough interview, or at least I think it is based on the fact that it is incredibly long and I have only gotten through the first couple of pages where they talk about O’Neil’s first few stories.  I had to put it down because I think my ADHD was kicking in and I wound up having one of those moments where I acted like one of my students and literally asked, “Oh, how friggin’ long is this thing?” before putting it down.

Now, it’s not like I am never going to finish reading the interview.  It’s just that I think after reading 207 comics in two months, I’ve hit a wall.  I need to just not read any back issues for a week or two and maybe turn my attention to something else.

I can imagine something reading that and saying, “Stop reading comics?!  NEVER!!!”  I applaud those people, especially those who can read a pile of Nineties comics without wanting to blow their own heads off with a mega gun they pulled out of a pouch attached to a pair of monstrous scantily clad breasts.  You people are stronger than I am.

I also need that comic break because I have become determined to finish as many books as possible and that meant I was trying to skim through a lot of them, some of which is easy with more recent books, but really messes with your comprehension when the writer is, say, Roy Thomas.  I would actually get anxious and couldn’t settle into his Secret Origins stories because they were pretty dense and didn’t match the pace at which I was plowing through my comics.

Granted, I also have a crap ton of books to read and movies to watch as well as donations to make, eBay auctions to post, and a host of other things to do.  Plus, work has started up again, so when my eyes glaze over while trying to read, I get that feeling of malaise that usually sets in during hour two of an in-service day.  So it’s probably time to change things up a bit.

I still have a stack of comics to review, so September will probably be full of comics reviews, but I will try and clean out some of the crap that has been piling up.  I still also need to make this website look better.  Then, I’ll be able to recharge and maybe jump into some of the huge runs that have been sitting in my box.

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