The Wackness

220px-wacknessposterA 2008 comedy that I’ve had on my Netflix DVD queue probably since about 2010 (that’s how long I’ve been sitting on a number of these movies), this is coming-of-age dramedy about a guy named Luke (Josh Peck) who is a drug dealer in New York City in 1994 and spends the summer after graduating high school selling pot while also falling for his therapist’s daughter, Stephanie (Olivia Thirlby).  That therapist, by the way, is Dr. Squires (Ben Kingsley), who is also becoming one of Luke’s best friends.  The film centers around this romance and friendship but also the breakdown of Squires’ marriage and the financial woes of Luke’s parents (for reasons not explicitly stated, they’re on the verge of eviction from their apartment).

It’s a Nineties throwback movie at a time when those weren’t as common as they’re on the verge of becoming (Captain Marvel kind of made it work in a blockbuster way earlier this year) and while I thought that some of the nostalgic beats were fun, I found myself not really caring too much about anyone on the screen and thought about how a movie like this has been done with more depth.   It comes off as one of those independent films that purports to be smarter than it is, but ultimately is just a watered down version of The 400 Blows with characters I really couldn’t care about.

Since it was a rental, I’m going with Buy, Rent, or Skip?


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