Uncollecting Update May 2019

As always, let’s start with the numbers.

Media consumed # (remaining/total)
Movies Watched 0 (151/155)
Books Read: 9 (122/147)
Comics Read: 82 (489/738)
Podcast Episodes Remaining: 112


Nothing this month.  I did watch Wine Country on Netflix, but that was a new release, and I watched the 1996 Romeo + Juliet film twice in my freshman English classes.  I’m heading into summer vacation, so I am hoping to put a dent in the film list.


A net of one book read because I actually read 12, but three (Uncanny X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills, Tales of the Dark Knight: Batman’s First Fifty Years, and The Bluest Eye) were not on the list and were read for the purposes of podcast.  Eight of those books were ones that I purchased–six at FCBD and two yesterday when I cashed in all of my rewards points at my LCS before they change management and edit the rewards program (they’re going from “get free stuff” to “get $10 for every $100 you spend”, which is cool but I wanted to get some free stuff one last time).  As a result, Lindy West’s Shrill is the only book I was able to cross off.


This slowed down a little, although I managed to make my way through all of Letter 44.  I haven’t been reading them at as fast a pace as I was last month, although that’s because they’ve tended to be older and denser.  I have been working my way through old issues of Secret Origins and Marvel Age and it takes a little more time to read them (an en masse review of Marvel Age is coming once I finish the last issue in the stack).  I’ve been thinking of rearranging all of my non-Titans-related comics and organizing them completely alphabetically so that I more or less have a “permanent” collection.


I worked my way through most of the rest of First Strike (while reading the Invasion tie-in issues I own along the way) and then picked up a few more podcasts, so this number continues to fluctuate.  I guess what’s great overall is that I am eliminating more and more of the huge pile of “back issues” (so to speak) because most of the shows on my app have fewer than ten unlistened to episodes.  This week might be good for podcast listening because I have a lot of free time at work due to seniors being gone and underclassmen taking finals.  I also intend to post more podcast reviews.

Overall, this was a “month off” in a sense.  When it comes to my creative endeavors, I have a tendency to get ADD–then again, as I read more about ADHD, I become more and more convinced that I actually had and have always had some form of ADD/ADHD and it was never diagnosed.  Then again, I also seem to have four or five things going at once, including my actual job teaching English.

The key thing is that even though I’ve kept tallying and deciding what to do with this stuff even as I’ve not been the most active with the project.  It’s definitely more of a commitment than I’ve had to working out lately.  Still, I need to make sure that I actually unload what I say I’m going to unload–perhaps another donation or just dropping them into the ‘ol recycling bin since eBay has slowed down significantly. I will say, though, that I’ve made a little over $100 on eBay since the beginning of the year and that’s going to be some nice spending money for vacation, so this thing is paying off at least a little.

Summer vacation is coming up, which doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on my ass for hours on end (although I do take a couple of days to do that), but it does mean projects and possibly headway on this.  This coming month, look for several updates and reviews before I head out for a two-week vacation, and I maybe even get around to sharing some resources.


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