Marvel Fanfare #20

marvel_fanfare_vol_1_20Jim Starlin kicks off a multi-part storyline that stars The Thing and Dr. Strange by having Ben Grimm–who has just returned from exile after Secret Wars–get transported to another dimension where Strange is being held captive.  He fights the demons that have imprisoned Dr. Strange and frees him only to be faced with a face-off against The Hulk in the next issue.

That’s probably the quickest summary that I’ve given in these short reviews, but there really isn’t much else to say here about what happens.  But that’s not a knock against the comic; it’s a pretty fun book.  Plus, it’s kind of what you expect when you see the phrase “Eighties Marvel”:  a nice, big fight, some sort of cosmic or demonic weirdness, and an eventual fight or team-up between two heroes.  It’s popcorn or candy and I enjoyed it.

Making this issue even better are the portfolios from Carl Potts and Charles Vess.  Vess, especially, has a gorgeous portfolio featuring characters from Thor.  For example …


I mean, seriously.  That is just amazing.

While my verdict lines up with everything else when it comes to these Marvel Fanfare books, I do recommend grabbing this one if you find it in a cheap bin.

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