Marvel Fanfare #19

marvel_fanfare_vol_1_19So after Captain America, we get Cloak and Dagger, a duo that I have little to know knowledge of or experience with outside of what I read in OHOTMU.  I do have a faint memory of seeing an issue of their comic in a stationary store when I was a kid and noticing that it had the same name as a Dabney Coleman/Henry Thomas movie that I loved watching.

Anyway, the plot of this issue seems to be that after curing a few junkies of their problems, our heroes break up because Dagger needs to explore the world or something and she spends the better part of the issue basically being Dazzler.  The climax occurs when she takes on a bunch of drug dealers and nearly kills everyone in the room or something.  Realizing how bad she was being, she goes back to Cloak and that’s it.

It’s a script by Bill Mantlo that is really elevated by art on each chapter of the story by Tony Salmons, Rick Leonardi and Terry Austin, and Kerry Gammill and George Freeman, but otherwise leaves something to be desired, or at least because I’m coming in with very little understanding of who they are, I don’t appreciate the book for what it is.  Plus, Dagger is about sixteen and it’s tough to read this and appreciate the art without feeling icky.

Sorry this isn’t much of a review, but I kind of shrugged at this one and moved onto the next.

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