Captain Canuck (2015) #1-3, FCBD 2019 Special

This one’s about two months too late because I’d honestly meant to read these books during March, which is #InternationalComicsMonth on the ‘ol hasthtag list. But for some reason, I just got caught up with other things and decided to skip it and come back to it at some point. They were books that I bought out of cheap bins (and on FCBD) a number of years ago because I was intrigued by the covers and curious about what a Canadian superhero who wasn’t Wolverine or a member of Alpha Flight would be like.

These three stories feature the titular hero in what looks like a reboot for his 40th anniversary. I don’t know much about Captain Canuck other than the action figure my friend bought for me when she went to Montreal a few years ago, but it looks like he’s essentially a Canadian super-solider, someone akin to Captain America. It certainly seems this way in the three issues of the 2015 series, which have him on missions like we see Steve Rogers undertake in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Our man in the costume is Tom Evans and while he’s running secret missions, there seems to be some sort of conspiracy or villainous plot going on that might also involve his brother Michael and aliens they found encased in Arctic ice a number of years earlier. The FCBD special takes place a number of years after this series, as a cover that homages Secret Wars II #1, and is about another person taking on the mantle of Captain Canuck.

A quick look at Captain Canuck’s Wikipedia page says that three people have been under that particular mask, starting with Tom Evans. I don’t know if this was done on purpose by those who created the character or not, but I think that a legacy concept is a good one for a superhero. It’s worked to varying degrees in the DC and Marvel universes and makes for some really interesting stories instead of having a character spin their wheels for years or even decades.

These four comic books were fun to read. They were very “action TV show” in their presentation and gave me exactly what I wanted. Will I try to track down the remaining issues of the 2015 series? Probably not. Will I grab a trade if I see it on a cheap shelf or in a cheap bin? Maybe.

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