Uncollecting Update March 2023

As always, let’s start with the numbers …

Physical Comics Read: 3 (163/231)
Digital Comics Read: 0 (471/471)
Trades/Graphic Novels Read: 2 (7/11)
Books Read: 1 (117/123)
Movies Watched: 1 (187/194)
TV Series Watched: 1 (57/58)
TV Seasons Watched: 2 (102/105)
Podcast episodes remaining: 236

So it was definitely a slow month. So much so that I barely posted anything until I turned around and decided to just start the Titans re-read over again. In fact, I’m not sure what to write here. I didn’t accumulate anything either, which I guess is a good thing. So it’s just stagnation.


But I will say that we’ve caught up on some television around here along with new shows that weren’t in my spreadsheet when I first put it together and it’s been fun to actively watch something rather than just passively view stuff in the evenings. The movie watching always grinds to a halt, especially when I’m reading as many comics as I have been lately. Of course, those are all rereads that don’t apply to these totals, but I still kind of “count” them because I’m considering selling them.

That probably means that April won’t be very “heavy” in terms of working my way through these piles, especially if this Titans read-through is going to take as much time as it has been. Plus, I have a pile of other stuff I need to consider. But if it gets something out of the house, I guess that’s okay.

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