One-offs for #SciFiComicsMonth

So I’ve been working my way through a stack of science fiction comics for January (and might not get through the whole stack before the end of the month, so some of these reviews might bleed over into February). There are a few whole runs and series or multiple issues of a title that will get their own reviews, but in a number of cases, I have a single issue of a series that I got in a grab bag or at a sale. So I thought I’d do capsule reviews (read: I’m too lazy to write full reviews).

Here we go.

William Shatner’s Tek World #6 (Marvel/Epic). A grab bag book and a series of novels (and maybe even a syndicated television series?) that I vaguely remember from the 1990s. Reading this issue, it kind of strikes me as “What if William Shatner was cast in Blade Runner?” In the issue, Jake Carrigan (which had me thinking of Zap Branigan) is trying to find and then protect a woman on the moon. Things go awry, there’s action and chase scenes, and it ends with a “to be continued” as a killer robot attacks all of them in their spaceship. As a story, it read like a fairly decent episode of television. The art was very 1990s, with Lee Sullivan doing his best Jim Lee/Travis Charest/Brandon Peterson. Not a terrible comic, but not something I’m going to pursue. Donate.

Dark Horse Presents #21 (Dark Horse). I may have owned an issue or two of DHP back in the day, especially if Aliens or Predator were on the cover. The cover of this issue jumped out at me because it featured Mercy St. Clair, the main character of Ron Randall’s Trekker. I’ve obviously heard of Randall (I even have a Tales of the Teen Titans issue he signed) and know of Trekker. But I’ve actually never read the book. I’ve been meaning to seek out a trade or two to get myself started, so when I saw this in a quarter bin, I grabbed it as a way to “taste” it. The Trekker story was enjoyable and I might go and see if I can find those trades. And maybe get this signed? Keep.

Adam Strange Rann-Thanagar Holy War Special (DC). The Rann-Thanagar War was one of the lead-ups to Infinite Crisis and after that event was over, the problems in outer space didn’t stop, with the sequel “Holy War” series taking over. I recall reading the series, or at least part of it, but don’t remember much about it and certainly do not remember ever picking up this book. Out of the greater context of the main story, it doesn’t make much sense. Adam Strange seems to be bouncing through time and space and this will lead to something important in the miniseries? I might go through DC Infinite to check out the whole storyline, but this one isn’t worth holding onto. Donate.

Adventures Into the Unknown #142 (American Comics Group). A 1960s book, this is a science fiction/Weird Tales-type anthology that I picked up for $1. I think I overpaid. The stories are interesting, but the more and more I read these old genre anthology books, the more I find that anything during the early Code era tends to be weak and most of the also-rans to EC in the pre-Code era are only worth reading if they’re free. It was kind of fun, don’t get me wrong, and if you ever come across these for extremely cheap they’re worth your curiosity. But this isn’t a “permanent collection” book (especially since the cover is falling off). Donate.

Sonic Disruptors #1-7 (DC). I read this entire series, for which I paid 50 cents total. I don’t know what I was thinking. Trash.

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