Uncollecting Update November 2022

As always, let’s start with the numbers …

Physical Comics Read: 15 (83/126)
Digital Comics Read: 0 (469/471)
Trade Paperbacks/Graphic Novels Read: 2 (15/53)
Books Read: 4 (105/146)
Movies Watched: 1 (99/138)
TV Seasons Completed: 1 (77/90)
TV Shows Completed: 1 (33/37)
Podcast Episodes Remaining: 248

It’s a combination of things going up and things staying steady, fueled by various distractions and issues. It’s also slightly inaccurate, as I recently went on a comic buying spree at an LCS quarter bin sale. But instead of recalibrating everything right now, I decided that since I’m a month away from a big recount of everything (and the … fourth? anniversary of this blog) that I’d do it then.

So like so many other months of this year, I’m in a holding pattern? It certainly seems so. The trick has been to not be overwhelmed by the clutter, the piles, and the stress that seems to accompany them. It’s also been to try and not consider this some sort of “pass/fail” exercise. I personally think that I’ve been doing better with writing on here in the last few months, especially when I’ve tapped into themed months like horror, war, and holiday comics (that last one has a few reviews pending). I haven’t been watching a lot of stuff beyond just random stuff we’ve DVR’ed; shit, I’m even behind on watching Star Wars and Marvel shows. And podcasts keep coming, especially new ones with a ton of episodes. That can be so hard to keep up with, especially when it seems like my podcast listening time has been cut down lately.

My goal for December, at least where life is concerned, is to not overdo it. I really want to sit down and do some planning of a sort. Maybe it’ll be long-term in terms of what I want to keep, sell, or give away from this collection of stuff; maybe it’ll be just an immediate plan to get back into better habits and possibly get out of this weird funk I’ve been in for a while. Either way, I’m going to continue to try and enjoy the stuff I’m reading and reviewing for this site and will try to relax over the holidays.

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