EC Classics: The Vault of Horror

So I’m going to round out #HorrorComicsMonth with a post about yet another EC reprint. My kid and I found this in a treasury/oversized bin at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con and since I’d been interested in seeing what reprints I could find, I snatched it up.

Does it go without saying that I loved it? While it’s not the “mature” type of stuff you might see in today’s horror comics, I can see why these were considered more mature or having more of an edge than what would be published by other companies, and especially beyond what would be published by DC and Marvel during the Comics Code era. These are legitimately gross in places, and some of the stories are meant to be shocking. For example, a woman whose fiancé throws her off the trail of his affair with another woman by claiming he is going fishing each weekend and bringing home yet another mounted fish. When she finds out, she guts him and mounts him. It’s great stuff.

Overall, this October has been a fun comics month. I’m not the hugest horror comics person but being that it’s that month, it’s been great to check out what I already have and really enjoy what’s out there. The more contemporary stuff can be hit or miss, but finding gems like this has been wonderful and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring.

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