Uncollecting Update August 2022

As always, let’s start with the numbers …

Physical Comics Read: 3 (61/63)
Digital Comics Read: 0 (469/471)
Trade Paperbacks/Graphic Novels Read: 0 (15/51)
Books Read: 6 (115/141)
Movies Watched: 4 (101/123)
TV Seasons Completed: 1 (79/90)
TV Shows Completed: 1 (33/37)
Podcast Episodes Remaining: 221

Behind again with the updates. But that’s just how it is, I guess? At any rate, I don’t feel like dwelling on that again.

One thing I’ve noticed as I have worked to try to get back up to a better speed with all of this is the way that certain things affect my sleep, especially when it comes to watching television or movies before bed. I mean, duh, but it seems that I am on such a routine that watching a really involved movie causes me to be way more wired than, say, when I doze in front of GBBO or Rick Steves. I mean, it’s even to the point where I try to be off of screens (my iPhone, iPad, etc.) by 10:00 each night. This, of course, cuts into my “movie time.”

BUt sleep is a big battle for me lately. It always has been during summer because of its warm nights. THe CPAP helps and doesn’t (great for getting to sleep, not great when I wake up in the middle of the night). Then there’s whether or not I ate too late, had caffeine too late … was this always this hard or is this the bullshit that comes with middle age?

God, I feel old. Is this what aging is like?

ANYWAY, let’s talk about something more interesting or at least more positive. I’m looking forward to this month’s comics because it’s #FantasyComicsMonth and I have quite a few fantasy comics of all types that I can grab from the piles. I also have a number of books that I’m really looking forward to getting into. And there’s also a backlog of reviews I’m going to get through, so it’ll be nice to put out that content.

Otherwise, as the school year begins to roll out, so will I, and I’ll get back into my better routines and habits. Maybe even make some progress?

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