Uncollecting Update September 2021

As always, let’s get started with the numbers …

Media consumed # (remaining/total)
Physical Comics Read: (0/411)
Digital Comics Read: 0 (475/539)
Trade Paperbacks/Graphic Novels Read: 9 (27/58)
Books Read: 2 (113/172)
Movies Watched: (106/145)
TV Seasons Completed: 1 (90/101)
TV Shows Completed: 0 (28/38)
Podcast Episodes Remaining: 165

It’s a little easier to do this wehn you are zeroed out in one category; then again, there’s the size of the other piles. Plus, SEptember was overwhelming at work in a way that I have neither seen nor felt in a long time. I’m still trying to figure out what it is, although I think the cause is this collective battle we’re having over “let’s get back to normal” and a pandemic that is not over. People have to work to make the money they need to live, but a lot of us are looking at our bosses and asking “Why are you making me do this?” And even though the stress has started to settl edown, the feeling still lingers, and I think this struggle will continue for a long time.

I caught up with my reviews in my previous post, so there’s not much to talk about except to say that I’m trying to squeeze in my reading, watching, and listening between the times when I’m focused on work. Those are times that aren’t exactly easy to find all the time, so it’s been incrementally slow. I’ve also been wondering if I should slow down my (attempted) pace of reading and watching because my comprehension/short-term memory for events in a book or movie seems to be ebbing. Maybe I’m going too fast or too distracted? Maybe the “I have to read/watch this to check it off the list” approach isn’t always the best?

Anyway, this is going to be short this time because I’ve got other posts I want to write plus I have some Halloween decorating to do. Until next time.

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