The Week in Uncollecting, 4/10/21-4/16/21

A bit of a light week this week, I guess? I was back to work and therefore got slammed with after-school meetings, grades, and planning, so I found myself pretty tired most nights. Plus, I had three podcasting sessions, two of which were in the evening (no complaints, because they were so much fun, but you don’t watch a lot of movies when you’re down in your basement talking about comics).

Anyway, let’s go.

Comics Read: Issues #2-3 of the 1989 Star Trek series from DC. I’ve written down a reading order so that when I get to it, I can read the adaptation of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, which is one of my remaining print comics. I’ll probably have a lengthy series of reviews, but I will say that these are pretty good so far. They seem to be giving us some sort of continuity following the events of the fifth movie, as one of the adversaries in this storyline is Captain Klaa, the Klingon who was after Kirk in TFF. I do miss the characters who had been developed from the original series, but this one seems to be engaging enough. It has been interesting to see the “New Format” books of the era, especially when it comes to inks and colors. I remember reading a number of those and they were slightly better than the old-school newsstand books, but not by much.

Movies Watched: Necessary Evil: The Super-Villains of DC Comics. I can’t tell what purpose this served except to have Geoff Johns, Zack Snyder, Dan DiDio, and a number of others hype the various DC projects of 2013. And I have to admit that I dozed off at points. At any rate, Christopher Lee provided the narration and it was one of those “heroes need villains and these are the ones that are the most badassed, so let’s give you a bunch of animated comics panels from our current books” pieces. It also went on for 90 minutes, which I would have appreciated if it weren’t a glorified promotional film. DC is crying out for a definitive history documentary (well, the entire comics industry is, really) that’s on the level of a multi-night piece that is thorough and in-depth. This isn’t it. I guess the upside is that it’s a nice time capsule for Forever Evil and everything DC was doing in the New 52. Skip.

TV Shows: Finished up season 2 of The Big Day on Netflix and started watching Marriage or Mortgage. Also finished season 2, disc 2 of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. The two Netflix reality shows are some good escapism. Parker is worth the DVD account, especially because it’s been a pain the ass to find on streaming (hopefully someone rectifies that soon). I’m hoping to do a podcast episode on the entire series once I finish it all. I’ve also gotten back into watching the latest series of “Curiosity Inc.” videos on YouTube, especially since Alex has been buying and emptying out house contents again. It’s kind of like his side gig now and it’s been fascinating.

Podcasts: “Keep It!”, which I listen to on a regular basis, was exceptional this week and I recommend you check it out. Ryan Daly had everyone but me on for the Guns N’ Roses episode of “Fire and Water Records”, which is also a must-listen. I also have been catching up with a huge backlog of Quarter-Bin Podcast episodes, and have just now listened to the #warcomicsmonth stuff from back in November, including Professor Alan’s conversation with both Kirk Spencer and Luke Jaconetti. It’s a conversation that’s going to make you want to go back and read some classic war comics. Otherwise, it was a week of listening to a lot of music–’90s punk, the Rolling Stones, and “classical music for work” YouTube playlists–and trying to thin out the usual to-do list.

And that’s about it. I’m hoping to get further into those Trek comics and hopefully can also winnow down some of these movie lists. As it stands, I’ve got only two flicks left on my Kanopy watchlist and I really should get to the few that dot my HBO Max and Hulu lists.

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