Starman (1988) #37, 38

A recent huge sale at my LCS saw 30,000 comics on sale for a quarter and while I didn’t really have the time to go through every single longbox that was there, I bought a pretty decent stack of about 10-20 comics, some of which plugged holes in my collection (although I’ve got to admit that I picked up one book that I needed but put it back, thinking I had it but actually needed it). Two holes were these two books, the purchase of which puts me one short of having the entire series.

Looking back on my review of issues #26-36, that run ended with the first part of a storyline where Starman is teaming up to with Phantom Lady to help Kitty Faulkner against a robotic villain named Computron. In issue #37, Computron captures Starman and then Rampage and Phantom Lady have to save him. The result is a rescue, a robot battle, and we eventually get a resolution that’s slightly Scooby-Doo in nature but works very much for a comic book.

And with issue #38 being a War of the Gods crossover and therefore the only issue of the series that I bought off the stands when it was out, it’s full of comics goodness. Yes, I said a War of the Gods crossover issue is comics goodness. And maybe it’s the nostalgia that bubbled up when I read it, but this story has Achilles showing up on the set where Phantom Lady is shooting a commercial, thinking that she is Helen of Troy. Of course, she’s not and a fight ensues between him and Starman. It’s one of those crossovers that actually has very little to do with the main story and is more or less an excuse for Starman to get into a fight with someone on his power level, and that’s why I like it.

I’ve got one more issue of the Will Payton Starman to find–issue #25–and once I do, I am looking forward to doing another read-through before moving on to the trades of the Jack Knight series.

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