Badger #46

71qvpnjndbl._ac_sy445_We roll along with these Badger issues, slotting them in here and there between stretches of other books like Suicide Squad or Starman, which I can read in batches.  This one is cover dated April 1989, but more than likely came out in December or January of 1989 if the classic “four months ahead” cover dating of the 1980s is to be believed.  Because why would there be a Christmas issue in April?

Yes, it’s a Christmas issue, and kind of a whackadoo one.  It begins on a lonely snow-covered road where a telephone line man is working and listening to a radio show.  He taps into a telephone line to call the show and talk about how if he had to do life over again, he would have been an actor.  After he hangs up, he’s stopped by the Badger, who is being chased by demons that are quoting Shakespeare.  They then wind up in a cabin and eventually this guy, whose name is Larry, helps the Badger defeat the demons by doing a monologue.  Not in the original Klingon, though.

This was better than some of the other issues I’ve read.  I don’t know if the “one and done” approach I have been taking has improved my outlook on the comic or if the change in artist to Ron Lim makes it better.  Either way, this was a little easier to get through.  The character’s still a bit irritating and the jokes don’t always land, but at least the story was fun and is self-contained enough that if you were picking this up off the stands without ever having read a Badger comic, you’d have an easy time following it.

So we roll on, and after reading another trade or set of comics, I’ll be back to my next issue in the series.

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