Badger #43, 44, 45

5190yfwf52l._sx331_bo1204203200_A few reviews ago, I was seriously considering ditching the rest of my Badger run for the sake of my own sanity, especially since I haven’t been as satisfied with this title as I thought I was going to be when I fished it out of a quarter bin last year. Two of these three issues kind of gave me new life. I mean, not enough new life for me to consider slabbing these books or anything, but to finish reading what I’ve got.

The two issues are 43 and 44, which are a vampire story that takes some clues from 1980s vampire flicks like The Lost Boys and Fright Night, and was a nice reminder of how well vampires were treated in the Eighties. I mean, the punk, new wave, and goth music of the time were perfect for vampires. So was the yuppie asshole type of character, which is what the main vampire in this story is.

Honestly, it’s not anything groundbreaking in vampire lore, but to see Badger and Ham trying to hunt down vampires with a pig who is apparently also a senator while Daisy gets seduced by the main vampire named Victor is kind of fun. Some of the jokes land and others don’t, but the final fight is well done.

Issue #45 follows up the two-parter in that Daisy was turned into a toad by one of Ham’s spells (he was trying to save her from becoming a vampire) and some ancient order is after her. I kind of shrugged at this one, to be honest, although I will say that all of these have very good art courtesy of Ron Lim, who was really at the beginning of his career and already showing the promise of what we’d see in the Infinity Gauntlet/War/Crusade miniseries.

As mentioned at the top of this post, I’ll continue on. Besides, I think I only have about 20 comics left here. But despite a couple of very solid issues, the verdict remains.

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