The Badger #34, 35, 36, 37, 38

26968-3560-29928-1-badger-theLast year I did two whole series called “Fighting the Indepdendents” and “A Valiant Effort), where I deliberately read all of the independent comics in my backlog (at the time). Most of those books wound up in the donation or trash piles but kept a few with the hopes of collecting more. Mike Grell’s Starslayer was one of those books; The Badger was another. I still haven’t cracked an issue of Starslayer (and am five issues away from having a full run), and you’ve seen me wind my way through issues of The Badger.

And wind. And wind. And whine.

This seems totally against my mandate here, since I know that I had pledged to read every single one of my unread comics, but I think that I closing in on the point where I am going to cut bait on this book. Each issue seems to follow a similar pattern of someone doing something to make the Badger angry or Badger just getting into a situation where he can act all cuhhwaayyyzeee and we get a lot of violence, and it’s hard for me to follow just about any of it or therefore care about it.

These particular issues were the dealbreaker because despite some great early Ron Lim art, I met all of the stories with indifference. He fought demons that had been summoned by one of his associates. He investigated killings by a supposed Dire Wolf. He rode a buffalo through a mall. He fought a ninja. None of these stories were particularly bad in any way, but knowing that I’ve got another 10-20 issues of this stresess me out a little. I mean, the Dire Wolf and Mall Buffalo stories had their moments, and there are some pretty good backups in each book, but I don’t know if back in 1988 that would have had me plunking down $1.75 on the regular.

Before I completely abandon my efforts here, I’m going to see if cutting back to one issue every once in a while will make me appreciate this more because clearly this was not meant to be read as a run or in huge chunks.

Keep, Sell, Donate, or Trash?

Sell or Donate.

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