A Valiant Effort: Eternal Warrior

25644403Maybe it’s my love of Highlander, maybe it’s because I liked him in the Valiant reboot The Valiant (which I have in trade), but I was looking forward to Eternal Warrior more than a number of the other series that I have already written about.  The idea of an immortal who has longtime enemies and being able to see him through various periods of time makes for some dynamic storytelling (or maybe I’ve been watching too much Legends of Tomorrow).  Anyway, I have issues #11, 12, 13, and 22 of the series and the first three comprise a storyline that involves an enemy who can jump bodies, modern-day Nazis, flashbacks to the Middle Ages, and our titular character being possessed by the villain before ultimately being defeated.  Issue #22 involves Master Darque (a villain in the Valiant Universe as a whole) manipulating events because it gets him closer to whatever his endgame is.

The look of the books is slightly better than what I’ve seen in other ’90s Valiant comics, as the coloring and printing methods serves the flashbacks well.  I’m not the biggest fan of the Eternal Warrior’s blue one-piece costume, although I guess having a plain-clothed immortal hero would have run too much in the direction of Duncan MacLeod or John Constantine.  Still, Kevin Van Hook’s writing on that three-issue story does a pretty good job at getting new readers into the story without requiring that we know what else is going on.

It’s funny, because I can’t say the same for all of the other Valiant books of this era.  I keep seeing house ads for some of them and can see the appeal of, say, Ninjak, Bloodshot, or Solar: Man of the Atom.  But when I see a house ad for Harbinger that tells me something about someone fighting Harada, that doesn’t exactly fill me with excitement.  I’m either thinking of Crisis on Infinite Earths or wondering why “Harada” is in big, bold type because it doesn’t conjure up the fear or excitement that comes with Apocalypse or The Joker.

Nevertheless, I think that these old Eternal Warrior comics might be worth a bin dive in the future, perhaps at a convention or when I’ve whittled the unread books down to next to nothing.  I like the concept and enjoyed these issues, so hopefully, whatever else I find will be just as fun to read.

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