A Valiant Effort: Bloodshot

51dxf3nr2bxl._sx327_bo1204203200_These two comics, Bloodshot #6 and 7, are a bit of a cheat because I had read them before.  In fact, I brought #6 to an episode of “Back to the Bins” a number of years ago and we all more or less gave it a C.  But I wanted to reread them because I was reading all of these Valiant books anyway.

My assessment stands.  Bloodshot, I guess, is supposed to be the action hero of the Valiant Universe.  I don’t want to call him the Wolverine because Wolverine clones are Image’s forte; it’s more like he’s The Punisher or Deathstroke.  The two issues have a story that involve Bloodshot going after two super-powered terrorists who have taken down at least one airliner and then landing in the jungle where he winds up tagging along with a special forces platoon and teaming up with Ninjak (another big-name Valiant character).

I know that Bloodshot has done pretty well in the newer Valiant books and I have a feeling that a lot of that is due to the better look of the current books versus the past.  While Kevin Van Hook’s writing is solid, I’m going to harp on the weaknesses of the artwork and coloring because it’s distracting.

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