The Last of the Independents

919vudairil._sy445_So this is the final entry in “Fighting the Independents”, even though these aren’t the last indie comics I’m going to read as part of this project.  I’ll get into what’s up with that after I look at the individual comics, of which there are only five, all of which were FCBD grabs or free LCS offerings from the last few years.

Boom! 2017 Summer Blast FCBD 2017 (Boom! Studios):  Kind of a mixed bag here as it samples Mouse Guard, Brave Chef Brianna, and Cody and the Creepers.  The Mouse Guard stuff was gorgeously drawn and fun to read, so I’m intrigued about the book (which I’ve heard a lot about).  The other two weren’t much to write home about.  Trash.

Comics Lab! FCBD Special (Z2 Comics):  A sampler of six different books, which were Hyper Force Neo, Welcome to Showside, Carver, Indoctrination, Legend, and The Sweetness.  None of these captured my attention.  Trash.

So those were the two actual comic books out of the five.  The other three were sort of catalogues or big lists of what two companies, IDW, and Image, had to offer.  I had two IDW books: “The Gateway Collection” and “The IDW 50” and these were cover shots and basic descriptions of a number of trade paperback collections and original graphic novels the company had to offer.  The Image book was “Image Classics: 25 Must-Have Series That Define the Creator-Owned Revolution,” which was basically Spawn, The Savage Dragon, and 23 series from 2003’s The Walking Dead onward.  I mean, I get that since the early 2000s, Image has redefined itself and evolved into a much different company than what it was back in 1992, but it does seem to be a little bit obvious that they’re trying to ignore the better part of a decade’s worth of comics.

Anyway, I decided to treat these like Previews and ripped out pages with books I was interested in so I could add them to a “want to read” list in my phone (if this were Previews, I’d add the books to my pull list).  I then recycled everything else.  Here’s what I grabbed:

Essex County by Jeff Lemire:  I don’t know much about this but it seems to be based on his own hometown in Ontario and I’m kind of a mark for those type of stories.

Fatale by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips:  I’ve heard good things about this and more than likely skipped over it when it came out because I either missed it or was paying attention to other stuff.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by Larry Hama:  I haven’t picked up the continuing series from Larry Hama and IDW because I never finished the original Marvel series and was all about filling the gap.  It’s been a number of years, though, so I should get on this.

The Rocketeer:  IDW published all of the Dave Stevens stuff at one point and I’ve heard a number of friends rave about it (as well as the movie).

Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen:  Based on my assessment of it during my earlier Image post, I thought checking out a trade might be worth it.

I know, by the way, that I have some sort of DC and Marvel catalogues like this or may have thrown them away.  I find that they’re good to pick up for free and flip through but don’t understand why I treated them like comic books and kept them.  They really should be treated like issues of Previews.

So, like I said at the beginning of this post, I have more independent comics left from that box.  And the thing is that they’re all from the same company, which is Valiant.  There’s a couple of more recent Valiant books in there but most are from the early 1990s, which was the company’s heyday.  But instead of reviewing them in a big chunk like I did the Image books, I thought I’d create another whole series of posts out of them.  So later this week watch for “A Valiant Effort”, which is my look at the small stack of Valiant comics in my collection.

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