Uncollecting Update: March 2019

As always, let’s start with the numbers.

Media consumed # (remaining/total)
Movies Watched 0 (153/155)
Books Read: 3 (127/139)
Comics Read: 32 (631/738)
Podcast Episodes Remaining: 130


The area I’m slacking on the most.  I saw Captain Marvel (and freaking loved it), but I am still sitting on the same two Netflix DVDs as well as a host of other flicks I keep meaning to watch.  We’re catching up and staying with a lot of shows, so I can’t say I’m completely falling down on the job.  I’ve also spent the last couple weeks watching a lot of college basketball, so there’s another reason I’m not consuming a lot of movies.  I also intend to get back into following and watching baseball.  Yes, it’s the Mets, but I miss following my team and miss really feeling tuned in to them, and I really do enjoy watching baseball during the summer.


Definitely fewer than last month, and much of that is due to a significantly long read for the Required Reading podcast.  I have a feeling that when I’m finally done with that read, I’ll be able to really put a dent in this.  I did knock out another Essential X-Men volume and that was pretty cool.


Lots of comics this month, mostly DC, and mostly from the 1980s.  But I’ve been enjoying pretty much all of them, as should be evidenced by the reviews I’ve written.  I’m about to dive into my full run of Hawkworld from the 1990s and I’m happy to say that I organized my comics a week ago and was able to cut down an entire longbox of comics.


One of my favorite shows is slowing itself down, sort of–they are covering Melrose Place along with Beverly Hills, 90210–so I will have time during the week to listen to some of the other shows that have been piling up.  One of those was the Fire and Water Network Show “First Strike”, which covers all of DC’s Invasion! crossover.  The show ended quite some time ago, but I stockpiled all of it and now I’m 10 episodes in.  So far, it’s great stuff and I’m reading along with what I can, which has been really fun.  And while I’ve still got more than 100 episodes left, I like the net loss in the number of episodes left.

I continue to plug away at all of this and am happy that I’m getting through so many comics, but the tough thing can be that I don’t always know exactly what I want to do with this blog.  When I came up with the idea, it was toward the end of 2018 and I knew that if I just put something up, I could revise as I went along.  I still feel like I’m in that first phase of finding my legs because aside from posts and starting a Twitter account, I haven’t done much else.

Even the posts are getting laborious.  I tend to write up a few at a time and schedule them for days ahead, which definitely gets content up, but I think I might want to space the posts out or limit myself to three or four posts a week so that I don’t burn out.  This won’t change my pace of reading or consuming things, but might make things more steady.

Moments like this can be the death knell for my projects.  I will come out swinging and then hit a point where I get a little tired or start to slack (case in point: “In Country” should have ended a while ago but I went through long periods without episodes) and things go unfinished.  Granted, sometimes life does get in the way and I have to focus on things like AP Literature papers, but what I don’t want is for this to feel like it’s another job or something.  There’s quite a bit that I have written but not published about how I feel somewhat healthier for having taken this on and I continually remind myself how it’s a very long-term project.

I just re-read that paragraph and realized that it’s very general “blogging about blogging” nonsense.  But at least I’m making progress?

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