Secret Origins #11

secret_origins_vol_2_11Roy Thomas’ reconciling of what he lost as a result of the erasure of Earth-2 as a result of Crisis continues in this issue and also gets a little help from Paul Kupperberg, who provides Power Girl’s new origin along with a retelling of the origin of the Golden Age Hawkman.  Moreover, this is still during the post-Crisis period where mentioning the multiverse wasn’t as verboten as it would soon become.  So, in the Power Girl origin, we have a recollection of what she thought was her childhood–she was essentially the Supergirl of Earth-2.  We get that, but then it veers askew, her thoughts interrupted by Arion the Immortal, the legendary sorcerer from Atlantis, who tells her that she is actually descended from him and it was he who put the idea that she was somehow related to Superman in her head.

With Hawkman, Roy Thomas and Luke McDonnell go through an origin similar to what we would see related a number of times, including on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, which is that he and Hawkgirl were lovers in Ancient Egypt who are repeatedly reincarnated and now fight crime together.  I believe that later on in the 1990s or so, stories would actually show that they were reincarnated as characters in other DC series, like western books, but for now, the idea is that they are somehow star-crossed lovers who keep managing to find one another.

Both of these stories are solid, as are the issue, and all I can think of as I write this review is how monotonous this is all getting.  Not the comics, mind you, but my reviews.  I’m not giving much plot synopsis in these because I’m trying to keep these posts pretty short, but I feel like I’m getting boring by saying “Yeah, it was good.  I’ll keep it.”   Thankfully for you, I’ve got two more of these left until I put this title away for a little while and then look for something else.  So for now … yeah, it was good.

Keep, Sell, Donate, or Trash?


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