Arion: Lord of Atlantis #1

copyoffirstpage._sx360_ql80_ttd_Here’s one that was bought purely for the cover; moreover, purely because I used to see the cover in a Joe Kubert School ad (Hi Rob!) in the early 1990s and always thought it was totally badass.  The comic?  Not as much.

I was familiar with Arion because of his appearance in the early parts of Crisis on Infinite Earths where he was recruited by The Monitor to help protect his “cosmic tuning forks” from the Anti-Monitor’s shadow demons.  He seemed like a pretty interesting character and I will admit that I was curious as to how the DC Universe’s version of Atlantis (which I only knew from underwater adventures via Aquaman), so when I found this in a cheapie bin at a show, I snatched it up.

The story is courtesy of Paul Kupperberg with art by Jan Duursema and I believe is continuing from seven backup stories in Warlord, so I admit that I was a little lost coming in because in the story, Arion is in space and is trapped by some sort of cosmic being and uses his magic to get out of the situation before going back to Atlantis, which is preparing for a civil war.

Kuppberberg’s story is really solid and Duursema’s art is gorgeous, but as enjoyable as it was, I wasn’t hooked enough to want to seek the rest of the series out, although much of the first year or two is pretty easy to find.

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