At the Starting Point: A Look at the Rules and My List

Tom With Comics
A picture of me in my bedroom at 16 with my “first” and 1000th comic in my collection, surrounded by my entire collection.  I cleaned it all up after this, but I’m putting this here to show you where this sickness began, because sadly, the piles have gotten bigger.

Here we go.  As of 1/1/19, here are my piles …

Books unread: 131

Movies to watch: 155

Podcast episodes to listen to: 156

Comic book back issues to read: 738

My goal, as I mentioned in the last post, is to turn accumulation into a zero-sum game.  So, as I read, watch, and listen, I will post quick reviews.  I may cross-post some things to my other blogs, Pop Culture Affidavit and Required Reading with Tom & Stella, but for the most part, you’ll be seeing a lot of posts with short synopses and opinions using the following rating system:

  • If I own it = keep, sell, donate, or trash
  • If it’s rented/borrowed/streamed = worth buying, worth the rental, a waste of my time

The rules are simple, but they may change, as may my goals.  For me, this is mostly about accountability and less about a crazy gimmicky rule, so I am going to read, watch, or listen to only what I only have with three exceptions:

  • My new comics pull list, which will not be added to unless something is removed (this includes two series of trade paperbacks that I have been collecting).
  • Theatrical movies.  I don’t go to the movies that often, so I will allow myself this, especially considering I really want to see Avengers: Endgame.
  • Anything that is a required borrow/rental/purchase for work or for a podcast.


I will be posting this exact post in another page on the site and will update it from time to time; I’ll also be posting update posts at the end of every month.

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