Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Reblogging this for posterity’s sake. I’m keeping this one.

Required Reading With Tom and Stella

51pfhtr2k-l._sx330_bo1204203200_My new year’s resolution being one of using and consuming what I have accumulated with an eye toward my mental health, I’ve also been thinking about what and how I eat and how that has an impact on my physical health. I’m 41 years old as I write this and it seems like my body has decided that it was finally time for all of the mysterious ailments and issues to come about.

And so I come to Barbara Kingsolver’s 2007 book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life. This is one that Amanda bought and read when it first came out and that I’ve been meaning to read ever since but which sat on the bookshelf (as these books tend to do). Spurred on by a conversation with my therapist where she recommended the book, I grabbed it and began reading shortly after New Year’s Day when…

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Uncollecting Update: January 2019

Let's start with the numbers. Media consumed # (remaining/total) Movies Watched 1 (154/155) Books Read: 4 (135/139) Comics Read: 50 (688/738) Podcast Episodes Remaining: 182 Movies I haven't been watching many movies this month. We've been going through a number of the MCU films that we haven't seen or haven't watched in a long time, …

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